Game Play

The problem with most BlackJack counting simulators is they are based on a single player against the dealer. In a real game of BlackJack the player would not only need to keep up with his own cards but also all cards that have been dealt. BlackJack Trainer solves this by simulating a game with five players and the dealer.


btn_deal Deal – Press to deal a new hand
btn_hit Hit – Press to take another card
btn_stand Stand – Tell dealer you want no more cards
btn_split Split – Only enabled when dealt a pair. Splits pair into two hands
btn_double Double Down – Tells dealer you wish to double the bet and take only one more card
btn_bet Place Wager – Places a bet for the indicated amount
btn_clear Clear Wager – Clears bet total to the table minimum


  • Double-down is allowed on all 7 or greater and all soft hands
  • Dealer must stand on soft 17
  • Only one split is allowed per hand
  • Double-down is allowed after a split
  • If aces are split the player may receive only one more card per hand


  • Seat choice
    • Choose to play any of the five available players. Default is player at position three. Seat positions are numbered from right to left with the far right seat being seat one.
      Set number of decks in the shoes
  • Set players starting bank
    • Choose a bankroll that reflects your actual bank when playing.
  • Set table minimum and maximum
    • Set your table limits to mimic your favorite BlackJack table.
  • Show count statistics
    • If you choose you can see the current count, hands dealt, number shuffles, and number of cards dealt from current shoe.
  • Show suggested advice
    • Turning on advice will show the suggested play based on the players chosen strategy.
  • Choose from several count methods
    • Several count methods are available
  • Choose from several strategies
    • Many strategies available including Basic Strategy

BlackJack Strategies

  • Basic Single Deck
    • Basic Strategy for use when playing single deck BlackJack
  • Basic Multi-Deck
    • Basic Strategy for use when playing with multiple decks
  • Aggressive Multi-Deck
    • This is a very aggressive custom strategy with high variance
  • Smart Multi-Deck
    • A less aggressive custom strategy that weights decisions according to current count

Counting Methods

  • High-Low -
    • Most commonly used counting method
  • Canfield Expert -
    • Made popular in the book “Blackjack Your Way to Riches”.
    • Best for single deck BlackJack.
  • Silver Fox -
    • Balanced counting method, great for beginners